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The IWC Journal (IWC Schaffhausen)

A 360-degree journey with Bradley Cooper

Award-winning actor Bradley Cooper, IWC and Google bring you a unique virtual reality experience.

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James Marsden meets his Configurator creation

The first custom Ingenieur Chronograph, designed by US actor James Marsden using the IWC Configurator, is now a reality. Find out where you can see this special timepiece.

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Alan Burdick on “Why Time Flies”

The relationship between humans and time is a mystery that has captured the imagination of scientists and philosophers alike. What exactly is time and why does it slow down when we’re bored, while the minutes fly by when we’re having a good time? And does what’s the relationship between a watch and its owner? The Journal talks to New York Times Senior Editor Alan Burdick, author of “Why Time Flies: A Mostly Scientific Investigation” about his research into the topic of time and more.

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Aurel Bacs: Lessons from a “proper watch”

Always go for the best quality you can afford, do your homework and stay curious. Those are just a few tips that Aurel Bacs, the epitome of a timepiece connoisseur, shares with The Journal. In a wide-ranging interview, Bacs discusses his career, the future of watch collecting and how his first “proper watch” sparked his life-long love of mechanical watches.

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Thomas Biasotto: When man and mountains meet

Renowned Swiss landscape photographer Thomas Biasotto talks to the Journal about his new book, GIANTS, his photography technique and the significance of a very special IWC timepiece in his watch collection.

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Silver Spitfire: Celebrating the spirit of adventure

It’s an adventure that has never been attempted before: circumnavigating the globe in a Spitfire, an iconic plane with a storied history. Pilots Steve Boultbee-Brooks and Matt Jones are taking on this adventure in the “Silver Spitfire – The Longest Flight” expedition starting August 18th, 2019 and supported by IWC. The UK news outlet The Telegraph sat down with the pilots to learn more about their exciting journey.

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International Relations and Security Network (ETH Zurich)

Getting the Joint Strike Fighter off the ground

The US military is the proud owner of a fleet of military fighter aircraft that is, according to some in the industry, slowly becoming out of date.

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Swiss firm denies ‘axis of evil’ link

According to the US Department of the Treasury, a small company in Switzerland is a “technology broker in Europe for the North Korean military and has procured goods with weapons-related applications”.

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Warfare semantics in Iraq

In the argument over what to call the conflict in Iraq, something is still lacking: a plan to solve it.

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Not so undercover: What $29.95 can buy

Imagine you are an undercover operative working for your government. You believe that your real identity, your family, and your entire life are protected by your employer. Now imagine opening up a major national newspaper and finding out that your cover can be blown for less than dinner for two. This week’s Chicago Tribune report on the availability of information about covert CIA operatives on the internet set off alarm bells in the US administration.

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Swiss Reinsurance

Video samples (produced, shot, wrote script and voiced)

3D printing and the reinsurance industry

The impact of 3D printing is on the minds of many, especially in the reinsurance industry. Hear what Swiss Re’s Head Global Engineering Tony Buckle has to say about the relationship between the industry and the technique.

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Generation Lost speaks

In the WEF Global Risks Report, Swiss Re looks at what lies ahead for Generation Lost, youth between the ages of 14 and 23. Issues include high unemployment, the rising cost of education and an aging population in need of support But what’s most important is engagement and listening to Generation Lost. We wanted to know their opinion about the Report results and their future overall. Here’s what they had to say.

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The Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey

Swiss Re’s Chief Risk Officer David Cole shares his personal views on the results of the Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey.

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