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International Relations and Security Network (ETH Zurich)

Getting the Joint Strike Fighter off the ground

The US military is the proud owner of a fleet of military fighter aircraft that is, according to some in the industry, slowly becoming out of date.

Swiss firm denies ‘axis of evil’ link

According to the US Department of the Treasury, a small company in Switzerland is a “technology broker in Europe for the North Korean military and has procured goods with weapons-related applications”.

Warfare semantics in Iraq

In the argument over what to call the conflict in Iraq, something is still lacking: a plan to solve it.

Video samples (produced, shot, wrote script and voiced)

3D printing and the reinsurance industry

The impact of 3D printing is on the minds of many, especially in the reinsurance industry. Hear what Swiss Re’s Head Global Engineering Tony Buckle has to say about the relationship between the industry and the technique.

Generation Lost speaks

In the WEF Global Risks Report, Swiss Re looks at what lies ahead for Generation Lost, youth between the ages of 14 and 23. Issues include high unemployment, the rising cost of education and an aging population in need of support But what’s most important is engagement and listening to Generation Lost. We wanted to know their opinion about the Report results and their future overall. Here’s what they had to say.

The Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey

Swiss Re’s Chief Risk Officer David Cole shares his personal views on the results of the Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey.

Open Minds (Swiss Re’s blog)

Southern fried resilience

Floods, earthquakes and tornadoes form a large part of the urban resilience discussion. I’ve experienced two of these.  (Catch me on a good day and I’ll tell you about the tornado. It was surreal.)

L’Aqulia: a town of broken promises

What happens when you depend on Madonna or the government to rebuild your town? Apparently nothing.

150 years: Here’s what you had to say

Our 150th anniversary activities have come to a close, but not without one last offering.