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24 June 2015

Found on the interweb – Tuesday edition: Idris, Grace and capsule collections



Sometimes world events just make you sit and wonder. I’ve being doing a lot of that over the past few days. Normal posting to return. In the meantime, here are a few discoveries.

1 May 2015

Found on the interweb: May Day edition

May Day pole raising in Germany
Maibaum (Maypole) in Munich, Germany / BeAr – Wikipedia

It’s May Day in various parts of Europe, including Switzerland. After over a decade in the country, I still have no clue why we’re off, but I’m not complaining.

In any case:

25 February 2015

Found on the interweb – Wednesday edition


14 August 2014

Caught my eye: 13 August 2014

Rash on bike

Of course I look fab. I’m not moving.

I was back in the land of the Vikings to hang out with friends and volunteer for Copenhagen Fashion Festival, which is part of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Hence, me on the bike and the carrier full of programs.

And I only ran over two sets of feet and one heel.

In any case, I returned home under the weather. I’ll list my discoveries in my next post (gotta sort through pics), but here’s what has caught my eye as I recuperate: