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5 March 2015

Spring white t-shirt spruce up

Image: Zara

Image: Zara

With patchy salt-and-pepper hair (that’s becoming patchier by the day) and a penchant for red lipstick, I’ve toned down my wardrobe color palette. White t-shirts are a big help. Wear them with suits. Wear them with jeans. Wear them with nothing (I kid, I kid…somewhat).

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22 February 2015

Color and creativity: A visit to Maurice de Mauriac, time instruments made in Zurich


Image: Maurice de Mauriac


If you peer into the window of Tödistrasse 48 in Zurich, you see a mess.

Through the glass, past the miniature cars and figures, just beyond and to the right of an old workbench…it’s right there.

Watch faces and mechanisms, straps and buckles. Books and bottles.

2015-01-30 10.59.44 HDR

A beautiful, colorful, creative mess. A mess I wanted to dive into and learn more about.

It belongs to Daniel Dreifuss – the man behind the independent watchbrand Maurice de Mauriac – and his family. Daniel started the line after leaving behind the financial world to follow an idea. With no prior experience or family connections, Daniel taught himself watchmaking and presented his first line under the Maurice de Mauriac name in 1997.

2015-01-30 11.01.21-1

I visited Daniel and his middle son Leonard at the shop. I soon discovered that there was more to the watch models than just telling time.

“What I do here, this is the university for my children. That’s what this is all about. How would we meet a lady like you (a US expat living in Zurich)? It would be impossible. How do we meet such people? With a fantastic product,” Daniel told me.

And his watches are fantastic. The Maurice de Mauriac line features XX main designs, each with variations. They range from funky and sporty, like the Chronograph Modern (pictured here with the fabric NATO strap):




to the classic Arco (my favorite)




….to the absolutely breathtaking Tonneau Chronograph



“I like colors. I’m a color thinker. I wear every day, during weekdays, stripes. On the weekends, I wear square patterns,” Daniel told me.

“Colors are very powerful. I can manipulate these in my watches. I can work (with colors) in my watches. And colors are formulas.”

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-29 um 15.16.46

Image: Maurice de Mauriac


Daniel also understands the formula of social media. His Instagram and Facebook pages are full of gorgeous scenes of his travels, complemented by his watches – or the other way around.

2015-01-30 10.48.29

A copy of Michel de Montaigne’s essays

And the name of his line also gives a hint to his spirit. Daniel created the name “Maurice de Mauriac” as a tribute to Michel de Montaigne, a “a free thinker, who regularly broke with conventions, and who followed his conscience and intuition,” he says on his website.
But Daniel isn’t the only creative with the last name Dreifuss. His wife, Claudia Ginocchio Dreifuss is an artist, carrying on the family tradition of sharing color with the world. Her atelier is next door, but her pieces look down on her husband and children as they work in the watch shop.

So if you happen to be walking down Tödistrasse and are drawn to a certain window with cars, and figures, and a wonderful mess…and watches too, treat yourself. Walk in and experience the world of Daniel Dreifuss’ Maurice de Mauriac.

24 December 2014

Five fashionable flicks for the holidays

Diana Vreeland in a still from The Eye Has to Travel

Diana Vreeland in a still from The Eye Has to Travel (IMDB)

Tis the season to vegetate as stylishly as possible while your stomach oozes over your waistband. What better way to do it than sitting in front of the TV (or laptop) and taking in a couple of fashion-forward films on Netflix?

On my list:

1. Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel 

DV holds court in this first-person documentary. Ms Vreeland recounts her life from her childhood to when she was unceremoniously booted from Vogue in 1971. Grab a cup of tea and have a seat with this legend.

Still from Mademoiselle C

Roitfeld and Lagerfeld in Mademoiselle C (Image: IMDB)

2. Mademoiselle C

It’s not clear to me why this documentary about the launch of Carine Roitfield’s new fashion mag garnered such bad reviews. Of course it’s not The September Issue, but you do get the chance to follow the former Vogue Paris editor behind the scenes as she puts together the premiere issue of CR Fashion Book. Roitfeld comes across in the film as – gasp – likeable. And it’s worth the watch just to see Karl Lagerfeld push a baby carriage.

Halston (Image: IMDB)

Halston (Image: IMDB)

3. Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston 

This one is in my queue. Whitney Sudley-Smith takes on the story of designer Roy Halston. The reviewers aren’t kind to this documentary, but I’ll keep an open mind.


Poster for Advanced Style (Image: IMDB)

4. Advanced Style

I can’t wait to watch the film version of Ari Seth Cohen’s website.  I’m slightly surprised at it being streamed so soon after its release though.

Girl crush: Tilda Swinton wearing Jil Sander in I Am Love (Image: IMDB)

Girl crush: Tilda Swinton wearing Jil Sander in I Am Love (Image: IMDB)

5. I Am Love 

If you don’t watch anything else while you’re home for the holidays, watch I Am Love. Although it’s not a fashion documentary, Tilda Swinton wearing Raf Simons of Jil Sander makes this movie a lesson in style. Just in case you’re interested: It’s the story of the trials and tribulations of a wealthy textile manufacturing family in Milan. And it’s in Italian. And the film’s backstory is just as interesting.

So what’s in your queue? And what did I miss?

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16 December 2014

Possibly the most badass boots I’ve ever bought

Zara's badass leopard print ankle boots

Zara’s badass leopard print ankle boots

I normally wouldn’t, but I did.

These leopard print boots from Zara are totally impractical, or are they? I saw them a few weeks ago in the Bahnhofstrasse Zara here in Zurich. I passed them. Came back. Tried them on. Took them off. Put them back. And left the store.

And kicked myself for weeks.

I stopped kicking myself long enough to check out Zara online (Swiss store). They had them, but not in my size. You may want to give the US store a shot if you’re so inclined.

I soon kicked myself back to the physical Zara store, full expecting them to be sold out of the boots.

Lo and behold, they weren’t.

And they’re now mine.

Woo hoo!

Woo hoo!

The key to wearing these is to pair them with a simple outfit:

Denim shirts don't tuck well.

Denim shirts don’t tuck well.

If you want to do the tuck-in-the-front thing, try a shirt with a thinner fabric.

Looks like I’m late to the party though.

In any case, I’m tempted to wear them to the office. I’ll report back if I do.