Five minutes in a bathroom at the Zurich main train station taught me this

I normally don’t rant (yeah right). But a close encounter of a very specific kind at the Zurich main train station taught me a life lesson.

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  1. So true. You can lead a horse to water but (maybe mention the water is not for drinking? Right… just a metaphor). On a side note, I find that many cafes and restaurants in town will readily let you use their amenities *if you ask first*. I have on occasion volunteered to pay a franc or two only to be told I was welcome to “go” free of charge because I’d asked. Which is nice of them but also shows good business sense, I’d like to think — nothing like gratitude (post-relief) to make me leave such places with a purchase. As for the pre-pay restrooms at the Zurich main station, I get the “user pays” principle but imagine that charging people on their way in, when they tend to be at their most desperate, must create more ill will and fewer sales for the stores in the station than if the landlord (Swiss Federal Railways) were to dip into the steep leases they charge all those commercial tenants and fund clean (not fancy) complimentary restrooms for the shopping/traveling public. Just my two cents here, leaving 98 cents for using the urinals on my next visit, unless the fee’s gone up since I last went (grudgingly)!

    1. Hey you! Your two cents are worth at least a dollar.:-) I totally agree with the complimentary restrooms idea. I’m slightly shocked the SBB officials haven’t gone in that direction. The pay toilets are a pretty gosh-darned extravagant for train stations. Do folks really use those showers?

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