Caught my eye: Huile Prodigieuse, a busted MacBook, the Gentlewoman and Uhura

Grown up bottle on the left. The Tinkerbelle Troop edition on the right.
Grown up bottle on the left. The Tinkerbelle Troop edition on the right.

The sound of silence has enveloped Rashland over the past few weeks. The day gig along with an electronic episode is taking up a lot of my time at the moment. Actually, all of my time.

The episode is more exciting, so let’s dive into that shall we?

I had (note the use of the past tense here) a mid-2010 MacBook Pro. It worked like a charm until I upgraded to Mountain Lion. Due to to a faulty Nvidia GPU (emphasis mine)  I had kernel panics with the new system –  2-3 times…in 30 minutes And of course, all of this happened after the free repair window had closed. The non-covered repair would have cost more than what the 2010 laptop was worth.

So as of tonight, I have a new MacBook Pro. With a retina display. I have no idea why I have a retina display but perhaps the ghost of Steve Jobs past can drop a few hints. And I’m fighting the urge to set up a Kickstarter. Yep. It’s that real.

In any case, as I get my digital life back in order, here’s what has caught my eye over the past few weeks.

I love Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse. I could live without the pre-teen special edition bottle currently in stores though. See pic above.

Join my FB page. Who knows, I may do a pink leggings giveaway over there. Or something.

You may even find some of my selfies there. You know you like them. I do. A bit.

The “Why the f*ck” method explained.

The latest issue of The Gentlewoman arrived in my mailbox Friday. Cheers and toodle pip.

Nichelle Nichols has an online store. My birthday is in February. You have time.

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