Polagram: Your Instagram pics in your hands


I discovered Polagram through a Twitter ad and was intrigued. A service that prints my Instagram photos with just a few clicks?

Yes please.

I downloaded the app and got to work.

Polagram is easy to use. Just link it up with your Instagram account (you can do the same with Facebook or your iPhone photos) select your pics and upload them to the service. There are three format choices: 10x12cm/4x7in “PolaStyle” (like a Polaroid pic), 10x10cm/4x4in, and 10×13/4x5in. A larger format along with photo book, poster and iPhone cases are additional options.

I selected 10 photos from my Instagram feed to test and ordered them in the classic format. The cost was .39 per photo. The total order was  €5.90 ($7.80), which means shipping was about €2.00. The photos took about four days to arrive.

Polagram photos
The photos


"Slutspurt" means "final sale" in Danish. But English is my mother tongue. So I giggled.
“Slutspurt” means “final sale” in Danish. But English is my mother tongue. So I giggled.

I’m happy with the results. They’re real photos y’all.

Give Polagram a try.  PROMO CODE: PGE06GI8

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