COS find: Boyfriend jeans that even big-butt girls can wear

Photo: cosstores.com
Photo: cosstores.com

I’d shied away from the current boyfriend jeans trend for a big reason. My butt. Excuse the pun. I’d tried about five pairs with the aim of looking hip, but not looking like I’m aiming to look hip.

And failed.

The issue I had was that the relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans, combined with my bootimus maximus, made me look like I was carrying a wide load. I looked like this:


My waist-to-hip ratio is about 1:500.

But I discovered COS’ Relaxed Jeans in Copenhagen. And COS itself. COS or “Collection of Style” is H&M’s high-end sibling. I’ve just worn the jeans for the third time. I’m not taking them off. (If Anderson can do it, so can I).

Me in my boyfriend jeans. I actually think they're "dad" jeans, but oh well.
Me in my boyfriend jeans. I actually think they’re “dad” jeans, but oh well.

These are 32s and they fit right on my hips and drape my behind (caress?), but they don’t sag. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the quality of the denim, but they fall the right way on me. I don’t look like a box.

I look, relaxed.

I guess I should have turned around to show the rear.  But what would have been a #belfie, wouldn’t it?

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