Posting #OOTDs: Yea or Nay?

Me showing my ironing fail.
Me showing my ironing fail.

In Tavi Gevinson: From Teen Fashion Queen to Broadway Star (which really isn’t about Tavi), Arabelle Sicardi discusses how fashion bloggers have cashed in on their power by striking deals with companies, etc. One way this has happened is through the “outfit of the day,” something I quickly noticed during my second foray into fashion/lifestyle blogging. Posts tagged with #OOTD usually feature a fashion blogger sharing her or his daily sartorial swag.

Up until now, I haven’t (save for a couple of instagram posts of my fashion mistakes). A couple of reasons why:

  1. My fashion style is pretty classic and simple: crisp shirts, good shoes and MAC lipstick in Red. That’s it.
  2. Although I share quite a bit online, there’s something about taking a pic of what I’m wearing every. single. day. that seems strange and slightly off putting to me. I don’t know why. Granted, if I’m rocking a special frock, I’ll snap something, but that doesn’t happen every day.
  3. It’s a military operation for me to even get up and dressed. Stopping to take a pic before running to the tram just doesn’t fit into my morning routine.

All of the above doesn’t mean I’m not open to changing my mind. I’m just still wrapping my head around the concept.

Do you post #OOTDs? Why or why not?

By the way, I show off my wrinkled shirts a lot. Follow me on instagram to see them.

2 responses to “Posting #OOTDs: Yea or Nay?”

  1. Hey Rash! Just found your blog through Secret Bloggers Business ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I totally get where you are coming from with the non-outfit posting!
    I DO post an outfit everyday, in fact I play along with a outfit challenge called EverydayStyle started by a well-known Aussie Blogger Styling You.

    I’m also a personal stylist so for me, posting my outfit everyday is for a few reasons;

    1. I want to show my clients and readers, that getting dressed everyday can be fun, and looking stylish can be easy and AFFORDABLE. I always say what labels I’m wearing so people can see that you can wear cheaper brands and still look good.

    2. I have a LOT of clothes (like too many) and having to take a photo of my outfit everyday makes me shop my own wardrobe a whole lot more! Like most people, I get lazy and if I could, I’d probably wear the same things over and over again, but because I’m posting my outfit, I’m more accountable for what I wear.

    3. It gives my clients and readers inspiration (I also get inspiration from other bloggers posting their outfits!) – I like to share the fashion love.

    I must admit, sometimes I feel silly, or feel people might think I’m vain, but people always tell me how much they love seeing my outfit posts so I must be doing something right ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Rashunda Tramble Avatar
      Rashunda Tramble

      Hey Cait! Thanks! Those are some really good points. I’ll check out your outfits!

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