In love with: PikulaBags


Found this gem a while back on Etsy. It’s a fabulous champagne velvet iPad cover by Maja Yogev of PikulaBags.  The cover says “bling” without actually having any “bling”…a win-win for those of us slightly bling averse.



And it doubles as a clutch bag. I haven’t spilled anything on it yet.


I think I just tempted the Fates. In any case, if you’re looking for a classy way to protect your gadgets, check out Maja’s shop. And oh my goodness…she has handbags.


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  1. Hey, if you like that kind of thing, why not swing by Arts & Crafts tonight. My friend Carolina has made room in her interior design office to exhibit and sell Zurich artists’ work.

    If you like quirky, unique and locally manufactured, come by! Tonight’s the apero: https://www.facebook.com/artsandcrafts.ch

    1. Rashunda Tramble Avatar
      Rashunda Tramble

      Hey thanks. Can’t make tonight though.

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