29 June 2014

Great Gray Goddesses

Renee Davis.  Not my mom.  Photo: Castingnetworks.com

Renee Davis. Not my mom. Photo: Castingnetworks.com

I don’t know my mom’s real hair color. I heard a rumor years ago that it was dark brown. Or maybe reddish brown. I think I saw a couple of gray strands a few years ago, during a brief, shining moment between her last touch up and a sale on Dark and Lovely Honey Blonde (#378 if you’re playing at home) at Wal Mart. I have early grayers on both sides of my family, so I wasn’t shocked when the little white hairs on my head turned into big patches – no – swaths during my 30s. I decided to forgo the dye and embrace the gray.

Image of Rash taking selfie

Me. Yep. I’m gray.

Needless to say I’ve been on my follicular own for the most part, with most women my age around me rocking every hair color from deep black to fuchsia. No. Really. Fuchsia. But rocking the gray doesn’t mean you’re heading for the rocking chair. Check out my five gray-haired icons below.

Renee Davis (pic at top)

Renee is an actress and model based in Atlanta. The 62-year-old started modeling when she was 40 and is a breast cancer survivor. And fabulous.

Dana King

Dana King

Dana King

The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-A-News-Anchor caught my – and the internet’s – attention when she ‘dared’ to report the news sans dye. And she looked 15 million times better with the gray. Not too long after freeing herself from the throes of Clairol, she left her job at San Francisco’s KPIX to become an artist full time. Check out her work here. Her sculptures are amazing.

Donna Mitchell

Donna Mitchell

Donna Mitchell

Mitchell was a popular cover model in the 1960s. I’ll take a wild guess and say that she’s in her early-to-mid 60s now. This shot comes from a breathtakingly simple and elegant Sept 2013 Elle Deutschland spread.

Catherine Walsh


Catherine Walsh - Photo: Intothegloss.com

Catherine Walsh – Photo: Intothegloss.com

I discovered Catherine via a Top Shelf on Into the Gloss and she quickly became one of my top style idols. The senior VP for Coty’s claim to fame is starting the celebrity fragrance trend by signing a deal with Jennifer Lopez for Glow. Red lipstick + gray hair = hot.

Kristen McMenamy

Kristen McMenamy

Kristen McMenamy

I had to look twice when I saw this pic of Kristen. “THAT’s the supermodel?” According to an interview, Kristen stopped coloring her hair in 2004. Not too many folks can wear gray hair long, but she pulls it off royally. Having killer cheekbones helps.:-) So those are my gray-haired icons.  Tell me yours!

12 thoughts on “Great Gray Goddesses

  1. Shirley

    Speaking of long gray hair, a friend of mine stopped cutting her hair when it started to go gray, so that she could still show people the original color, about 8 inches on the ends!

    The thing about coloring is, how do you stop? Hate the look of dyed hair with gray roots… How to transition???

  2. R Nell Bougard

    Awesome to see your icons sporting their beautiful gray hair. I must admit I dye around my temples. But grays are quickly invading the rest of my head. So, soon I’ll be on your list. 🙂

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    1. Rashunda Tramble Post author

      Especially if she pulled it back. Wearing it down would perhaps overpower her gorgeous face. I think that’s why the short worked.


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