Intimacy 2.0: see what I mean?

Photo of Intimacy Black
Photo of “Intimacy Black” e-foils, which fade depending on level of personal interaction.

Could the days of hiding your true thoughts behind your designer duds be over? Intimacy 2.0 is a project labeled “high-tech fashion” by its founders at Studio Roosegaarde. They’ve produced two garments called “Intimacy White” and “Intimacy Black” using opaque fabric that becomes transparent based on the wearer’s emotions.

I’ll pause as your mind runs free for a bit.

Back? OK.

The Intimacy project has been getting a lot of buzz because it brings a sensual side to social interaction. On the one hand, this could be a fabulous way to break the ice in many situations. Think about it: that shy dude (or dudette) you’ve been eyeing all night? Do they feel the same way? Slide on over and see what happens – in more ways than one.

Although I’m making light of the project, I wonder how this technology could be used in more practical ways: could hospital gowns be designed using the fabric so that uncommunicative patients could be monitored more fully? Could it be used for plants? Maybe wrap it around trees to see if they’re in distress?

Or, my favorite possible use: make politicians wear suits made from it during campaign season.

Then we’d really see the emperor has no clothes.:-)

Watch the video (don’t worry, it’s SFW).

Photo from Studio Roosegaarde. Originally posted on Open Minds.

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